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Audemars Piguet

Founder: Jules Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet. Both were from Le Brassus and born in 1851 and 1853, respectively. Audemars and Piguet met each other during their higher education schooling and both of them had different areas of expertise.

Country: Switzerland

History: In 1875, they founded the company Audemars Piguet et Cie. Audemars focused on the creation of fine timepieces, while Piguet focused on the selling of these watches. The company branched out in 1907, but with the beginning of WWI the company diminished. Soon after the war, the company came out with a new line of women's watches and chronographs. Audemars and Piguet created the smallest minute repeater in the world and the jumping seconds hand, along with the worlds thinnest pocket watch in 1925. WWII hit the company hard but the resiliency of the company prospered and the company went to its first Basel Fair. The “Royal Oak” was introduced in 1972 and was extremely innovative and successful.  It was the first high-end stainless steel sports watch made and was designed by Gerald Genta. The first self-winding ultra-thin tourbillon watch was created in 1986. In 1992, the company created the Audemars Piguet foundation which focuses on preserving the beautiful natural forests of the world. In, 1994, the company presented the first hand-wound movement with grand and small strike and a two color tone quarter-hour repeater. On the 125th anniversary of the company, the company created the first dynamograph. The company continues to expand and build high-tech facilities, but each watch is still crafted in the old-fashioned way of using human hands, to ensure excellence and beauty.

Sponsorships: Queen Elizabeth II Cup, Alinghi Sailing Team, Clinton Foundation.

Ambassador: Michael Shumacher- Formula 1 Racing car driver, Nick Faldo- Golfer

Timeline & Accomplishments:

•   1875 → Company is founded by Audemars and Piguet
•   1925 → Smallest minute repeater was created along with the jumping seconds hand and the worlds thinnest pocket watch
   1986 → Worlds first self-winding tourbillon ultra-thin watch
•   1989 → First wristwatch with dual time display
•   2000 → First watch to combine a three-carillon grand strike with a dynamograph. (125th anniversary )
•   2005 → Introduction of the Caliber 3120, a very advanced and highly accurate caliber.
•   2006 → New shock resistant escapement was created. Released in 2009 with astounding frequency.


Audemars Piguet

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