Founder: Leon Breitling started Breitling in St. Imier, Jura Mountains in 1884.


Country: La Chaux-de-Fonds , Switzerland


History: Leon Breitling started out in St.Imier in 1884. Due to massive demand and development, Leon relocated the company to La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1892. Gaston Breitling took over the company after his fathers death in 1914. One year later the first chronograph wristwatch was created by Gaston. World War I stopped progress temporarily, but by 1923, Breitling created the first independent pushpiece chronograph. Ownership of the company changed once again when Willy Breitling took over the company for his father in 1932 and four years later the company became the official supplier of watches to the Royal Air force. During WWII in 1942, the company created the Chronomat, which was the first watch to include a circular slide rule and the company also began supplying the American army. Ten years later the Navitimer was created and it could do all the necessary calculations required during a flight plan and Breitling began supplying airplane companies with cockpit clocks. In 1962, the Cosmonaute was worn in outer space during a space mission. Seven years later the entire Swiss watch industry benefited from the invention of the self-winding chronograph movement that was invented by Breitling. Ernest Schneider took over the company in 1979 and 6 years later the electric chronograph was made and used in space. The essential watch for the extreme explorer was created in 1995, and it could send out a distress signal if the owner ever was lost. In 2001, the SuperQuartz watches were launched and Breitling became the king of quartz watches and by 2003 the company partnered up with Bentley motor company.


Ambassadors: Bear Grylls, Wayne Gretzky


Timeline & Accomplishments:

•   1884 Breitling was founded in St. Imier
•   1915 First Chronograph wristwatch
•   1923 Created the first independent pushpiece
•   1942 Chronomat model was created
•   1952 The Navitimer line of watches was invented
•   1962 The Cosmonaute watch was worn in outer space
•   1969 Breitling invented the self-winding chronograph movement
•   2001 SuperQuartz watches were created



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Breitling Aerospace EVO Night Mission Multifunctional Black Titanium Men's Watch V7936310-BD60-108W
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Breitling Aerospace EVO Night Mission Multifunctional Black Titanium Men's Watch V7936310-BD60-108W
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