Founder: The company was founded by Carlo Crocco in 1980.


Country: Nyon, Switzerland


History: Carlo Crocco founded the company in 1980 and after that moment there were many partnerships that followed with other businessmen. By 2004, the company decided to fuse different metals and materials together to create unique designs. One year later, the Big Bang Chronograph was created and was a true feat of engineering. In 2008, Carlo sold the company to a french company called LVMH. In that same year, Hublot became the official timekeeper for the Euro and later the World Cup.


Ambassadors and Sponsorships: UEFA EURO Cup, FIFA World Cup, Manchester United, Diego Maradona, Ayrton Senna, Jet Li, Dwayne Wade


Timeline & Accomplishments:


•   1980 Carlo Founded the company

   2004 “Art of Fusion” idea was instituted

   2005 Big Bang Chronograph was created

   2008 Company became official timekeeper of the Euro Cup

   2010 Hublot became the official timekeeper of the World Cup



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