Founder: The factory was established in 1904 by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian.


Country: Holstein, Switzerland


History: The name of the company was chosen because of a nearby valley that was named Oris. In just 7 years the company had over 300 employees. In 1928 the company was taken over by Oscar Herzog after the death of Georges Herzog. By 1942, Oris began hardening the brass movements in order to make sure that the watch remained intact and accurate for years to come. The 601 movement was created in 1952 and is still in high demand because of its precision. The company had a staff of 800 in 1961, making it one of the largest watch companies in Switzerland. The company was sold to the Swatch group in 1970 and in 1996 the company became associated with Jazz due to its sponsorship of the London Jazz festival. In 2003, the company signed a partnership with BMWs F1 Racing Team. The company continues making affordable luxury watches and creates them in racing styles and of course honoring famous musicians like Louie Armstrong and Bob Dylan.


Ambassadors: Ralph Shumacher, David Beckham, Keanu Reeves


Timeline & Accomplishments:


   1904 Company was founded

   1942 Hardening of brass movements came into effect to ensure longevity

   1952 The 601 movement was created

   2003 Oris signed a partnership with BMWs F1 Racing Team



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