Tag Heuer

Founder: Edouard Heuer founded the company at the age of 20 in 1860.


Country: La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland


History: After the founding of the company in 1860 in the Jura Mountains region, the company created the oscillating pinion and patented it in 1887. Then in 1895 the company patented one of the first water resistant pocket watches. In 1908 the company made a patent for the Pulsometer dial that is still used by doctors in this day and age. The brand introduced the first TAG wristwatch chronographs in 1914. In 1924, the company’s chronographs were used as official stopwatches in the Paris Olympic games. The first dashboard clock for aviation/automobiles was created in 1933. The worlds first wristwatch with a tide indicator went into distribution in 1949. 1 year later the Mareograph was created and it was the worlds first chronograph with a tide level indicator and a dial for regattas. A very unique stopwatch was designed in 1957 that had interchangeable rings in order to time various sports at the same time. In 1962 the first Swiss watch entered space and it was worn by John Glenn. The first automatic chronograph with a micro-rotor was created in 1969. In 1992 the company became the official timekeeper of Formula 1 racing. The elegant Alter Ego watch line was launched to glorify women in 1999. In 2010 the company created the Pendulum watch which was the first watch with a magnetic oscillator and therefore allows for a much higher frequency and more precision.


Ambassadors: Leonardo Dicaprio, Maria Sharapova, Chen Dao Ming, Steve McQueen


Timeline & Accomplishments:


•   1860 Company was founded

•   1887 Oscillating pinion was created and patented

•   1895 One of the first waterproof pocket watches was created

•   1908 Pulsometer dial was created and is still in use by doctors

•   1924 The company’s stop watches were used in the Paris Olympic games

•   1933 The first dashboard clock for aviation and automobiles was created

•   1949 World’s first tide level indicator on a chronograph watch was created

•   1962 First Swiss watch entered space

•   1992 Company became official timekeeper of Formula 1 racing

•   2010 First watch with a magnetic oscillator was created allowing for higher precision. 


Tag Heuer

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TAG Heuer Formula 1 Quartz Chronograph Stainless Steel Men’s Watch CAU1110.BA0858
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TAG Heuer Formula 1 Quartz Chronograph Stainless Steel Men’s Watch CAU1110.BA0858
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