Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf launched the Tudor Watch Company in 1946 in an effort to offer the public reliable timepieces at affordable prices. In 1952, 30 Tudor pieces accompanied the Royal Navy on a science mission to Greenland. From a practical production standpoint, the brand continues to benefit from its association with Rolex (case production and distribution, for example). Since 2015, Tudor has been manufacturing in-house movements to much acclaim.

Some of Tudor’s most-celebrated collections include the Fastrider, Glamour, Heritage, North Flag, and Style. Its Black Bay collection with more than a dozen variations was first launched in 2012.

Tudor brand ambassadors include pop icon Lady Gaga and English football champ David Beckham, and in the past decade the brand has collaborated with both Porsche and Ducati as a “Timing Partner.”



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Tudor Black Bay Bronze Automatic Men’s Watch M79250BA-0002
Model Reference:: M79250BA-0002
Tudor Black Bay Bronze Automatic Men’s Watch M79250BA-0002
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