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Self-taught jeweler Manfred Brassler founded MeisterSinger in the Westphalian city of Münster in 2001. Since that time this renowned German company has made a name for itself by crafting quality single-hand mechanical watches that are easy to read and take inspiration from historic single-hand clock towers. The company’s name references groups of talented singers in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Germany. To reinforce their dedication to slowing down and simplifying things, MeisterSinger’s logo is an upside down fermata, which signifies a pause of unspecified length in musical notation. MeisterSinger’s clear and focused design principles have earned the brand a slew of industry awards. In 2016 the Adhaesio received both a Red Dot design award and an iF design award. In 2010 the Singulator won Red Dot and GOOD DESIGN awards.



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